Alaska is the last race course of SSX Tricky world circuit, and perhaps one of the most difficult tracks in the game, albeit slightly under comparison with Untracked. It is also one of the only tracks in the game to only appear in SSX tricky that is not from the first SSX (The second being Garibaldi, which is automatically unlocked at the beginning of the game).

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win at least gold medal in Aloha Ice Jam in the world Circuit in order to unlock this course for single player, time trial and freeride (To unlock the course for Showoff, win at least a gold medal in Aloha Ice Jam's Showoff event).

Trivia Edit


The Alaska logo when at the level selection screen in SSX Tricky.

Judging from it's name, the course is the only course to be both set and named after a the real-life location.

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