Aloha Ice Jam is well known to EXPERT riders for its sudden chasms, rushing water, icy stretches, and manmade avenues.
— SSX Tricky Description

Aloha Ice Jam is a course that made its debut in SSX (2000). Initially the final track of the SSX world circuit, the course recognized for it being carved out from a massive iceberg, its tropical vibes, and intense jumps & turns. 

It also appeared in SSX Tricky but with some changes. Two of the most notable changes between the two games is the layout of the grandstands near the starting line, and the shortcut pipes near the middle of the hill being see through rather than wooden and colourful.

Unlock Requirements Edit

SSX (2000) Edit

In World Circuit - Race, earn at least a bronze medal in Tokyo Megaplex to unlock Aloha Ice Jam for World Circuit - Race, Single Event - Race, and Freeride mode.

SSX Tricky Edit

Obtain at least a bronze medal in Tokyo Megaplex in World Circuit - Race/Showoff mode to unlock Aloha Ice Jam for World Circuit, Single Event, and Freeride mode.

Quotes Edit

SSX (2000) Edit

"An iceberg in a tropical harbor with a course carved through it that is barely imaginable." - Course Description

"You're boarding atop an iceberg being towed into a tropical port. Talk about meltdown - you're boarding on pure slush. The surf is definitely up on this glacier. Palm trees, warm ocean breezes, and a sandy beach at the bottom of your run. You know there's plenty of ice for your tropical drinks. It's the perfect island paradise until you take the wrong turn and end up wishing for a life preserver. Don't forget the suntan lotion, bud. Catch a wave - you're shredding on top of the world." - Game Manual

SSX Tricky Edit

"Aloha Ice Jam - Sun and snow can work." - Front End Voice

"Aloha Ice Jam - A glacial challenge." - Front End Voice

"Aloha Ice Jam - Better hurry. It's melting fast." - Front End Voice

"Aloha Ice Jam, once the crowned jewel of the SSX World Circuit, has undergone some changes this season. Chiseled from the polar ice caps and brought to the south pacific locale, in beautiful Hanalei Bay, Hawaii. This course has 18,000 feet of new shortcuts making it more fun and challenging than ever before!" - Narrator

"For a few weeks a year, the pros of the world circuit can compete here, at the Aloha Ice Jam, atop countless tons of carved glacial ice and snow that is slowly melting into the warm water surrounding Hawaii. Keep an eye peeled for the radical new pipe section!" - Narrator

Trivia Edit

  • There is a shortcut near the middle of the track which is full of penguins. It will appear next to a left turn towards the jumps.
  • in the original SSX game, the starting gates in Aloha Ice jam are the only ones to have a unique design which Included torches being fitted on the top, wheares the gates from the other maps only had a change in their colour scheme/theme.


SSX - Circuit 6 - Aloha Ice Jam

SSX - Circuit 6 - Aloha Ice Jam