Aloha Ice Jam is a map from SSX. It has a length of 2766 meters and a vertical drop of 1132 meters. Originally, this course was the last track to race on in the SSX world circuit. 


Aloha Ice Jam logo

It also appeared in SSX Tricky but with some changes. two of the most notable changes between the two games is the layout of the grandstands near the starting line, and the shortcut pipes near the middle of the hill being see through rather than wooden and colourful.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a shortcut near the middle of the track which is full of penguins, it will be appear next to a left turn towards the jumps.
  • in the original SSX game, the starting gates in Aloha Ice jam are the only ones to have a unique design which Included torches being fitted on the top, wheares the gates from the other maps only had a change in their colour scheme/theme.


SSX - Circuit 6 - Aloha Ice Jam

SSX - Circuit 6 - Aloha Ice Jam