Brodi Ford is a character from the video game series SSX. His debut was in SSX Tricky. He returns as a Cheat Character in SSX 3. He was also mentioned by DJ Atomika in SSX Blur.

Broderick "Brodi" Ford
First appearance

SSX Tricky

Appears in


SSX 3 (Cheat Character)

SSX Blur (Mentioned)

Voice Actors

Billy Zane



Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond with Brown roots
Nickname(s) N/A

Kaori Nishidake (SSX Tricky)

Eddie Wachowski (SSX Tricky)

Mac Fraser (SSX Tricky)


Luther Dwayne Grady (SSX Tricky)

JP Arsenault



SSX TrickyEdit

Brodi Ford is your prototypical surfer dude. He comes across as laid-back and spiritual, but he works hard to be buff. The spiritual side of Brodi manifests itself in his love of the ocean. Surfing is wakan, or sacred to him. Brodi feels closest to nature when he is in the water surfing, or carving its frozen form, snow. An environmental activist, Brodi believes that polluting is an act of violence against Mother Nature. But he's no extremist and at the end of the day, it\'s all about kicking back with your bros, and maintaining a healthy balance between mind, body and spirit.

  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • Age: 29
  • Blood Type: O
  • Rider Style: Alpine
  • Alternate Sport: Surfing
  • Motto: "Live to surf, surf to live"
  • Dream Date: Megan Abubo
  • Friends: Eddie, Kaori & Mac
  • Rivals: Luther, JP, Moby & Psymon

  • Favorite Movie: The Endless Summer
  • Favorite Reading: Yukio Mishima
  • Favorite Music: The Barracudas
  • Favorite Course: Aloha Ice Jam
  • Favorite Trick: Hang 10 Backflip
  • Other Hobbies: Chill with friends, visit parents, relax
  • Greatest Strength: Spirituality
  • Greatest Weakness: Peaceful nature (people taking advantage of)

Rivalry SystemEdit

Character Aggression Aggression Type
Kaori Nishidake 10% Friend
Mac Fraser 23% Neutral
Marisol Diez Delgado 26% Neutral
Seeiah Owens 26% Neutral
Elise Riggs 27% Neutral
Zoe Payne 33% Neutral
Eddie Wachowski 35% Neutral
Moby Jones 64% Neutral
Luther-Dwayne Grady 65% Neutral
Psymon Stark 67% Neutral




  • Bamboo peace
  • Love Life
  • Ukiyoe Surf
  • Ohman
  • Yin Yang
  • Enlightenment
  • Master

Rank VideoEdit

Brodi - SSX Tricky Character Video

Brodi - SSX Tricky Character Video

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Billy Zane - SSX Tricky (2001)


  • He is the 2nd oldest male character in the series, thus far. Jurgen being the oldest.
  • No matter how many times any character knocks Brodi down in race mode, he always tells the said attacker, something concerning bad karma.
  • Billy Zane, Brodi's voice actor, had previous connection to the producers of Tricky; even thought of Brodi's concept. This is supported by the "behind-the-scenes" bit, in the game.
  • He and character Maya have similar personailities.
  • He's one of the tallest characters in the series, and the 2nd tallest in SSX Tricky, only behind Luther by an inch.
  • He is one of the two characters to be devoted to a perticular religion (in his case Buddhism). The other is Maya, with her Inuit-based religion.
  • He is also very similar to Tane due to them both being surfers.