Garibaldi is a dramatic run that offers an extreme angle of descent and a profound change in elevation. This course is perfect for the BEGINNER rider.
— Description of Garibaldi, SSX Tricky

Garibaldi is the first and easiest course of SSX Tricky. It is one of the twelve courses in the game, and one of ten for World Circuit races, and one of eleven for World Circuit showoff. It is located in British Colombia, Canada, and gives the player a feel for the game when playing. It has a vertical drop of 2300 meters (7545 feet) and a course length of 3150 meters (10334 feet).

When Garibaldi starts, you are given a 200 foot drop, which gives the player a chance to do tricks to get their bar up to the red and possibly up to TRICKY. Afterwards, the player can progress through a shortcut by smashing into a blue glass screen with the logo on it. Garibaldi mainly focuses on the player's turning abilities, and their stability on jumps. This course is perfect for both racing and showoff, as it easy to score gold medals in each, once you have mastered turning and tricks from jumping. The Garibaldi course logo features a circle, like the other courses. It’s main course color is cerulean, and has a silver letter G on it that is rotated to the left by approximately 45°.

Quotes Edit

"Garibaldi - A place to let it ride." - Front End Voice

"Garibaldi - Be prepared for tremendous speed and air." - Front End Voice

"Garibaldi - Get ready to escape velocity." - Front End Voice

"Garibaldi - This is where you'll find profound elevation." - Front End Voice

"A gorgeous addition to the SSX World Circuit, the Garibaldi run is located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. This seemingly obvious, wide open, and fast first course also hides some of the best hidden treats of the SSX circuit. If you venture off the main path, be prepared to be challenged." - Narrator

"The sparkling gem and first stop in the SSX World Circuit; Garibaldi is a dramatic run. Though many spectators and riders alike complain that it is all over too quickly due in no small part to the angle of descent and profound elevation that the course offers." - Narrator