Marty Stieber is a character from the video game series SSX (Snowboard Supercross). He made his debut in SSX Tricky (PAL version only) replacing Mac Fraser. He returns as a Cheat Character in SSX 3.

Martin "Marty" Stieber


First appearance

SSX Tricky (PAL Version)

Appears in(games)

SSX 3 (Cheat Character)

Voice Actors

Tobias Pippig



Eye Color


Blue (SSX 3)

Hair Color

Dark Brown




Kaori Nishidake (SSX Tricky)

MacKenzie "Mac" Fraser (Presumably)


Moby Jones (SSX Tricky)

Luther Dwayne-Grady (SSX Tricky)



SSX Tricky

Marty is Mac's older ex-patriot cousin. His family moved to Germany from the US in the early 80s, but still spend the holidays with family back in the states. It was during a winter vacation that Mac turned Marty onto snowboarding, and eventually the SSX World Circuit. In the off-season Marty runs an underground hip-hop club with some friends in Munich, where he doubles as a DJ. Marty is obsessed with all the adrenaline sports, especially winter sports, with snowboarding and sledding topping his list. Marty is open and easy-going, but when competing he is a perfectionist, much like his younger cousin, Mac. He does have a bit of a temper, and when pushed may become slightly unhinged.

  • Nationality: German-American
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Age: 21
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Rider Style: Freestyle
  • Alternate Sport: Snowmobile Racing
  • Motto: "Always A Pleasure With All Kind!"
  • Dream Date: Gitti Kock
  • Friend: Kaori
  • Enemy: Moby

  • Favorite Movie: The Matrix
  • Favorite Reading: DJ Magazine
  • Favorite Music: Blumentopf
  • Favorite Course: Pipedream
  • Favorite Trick: Trickitello

  • Other Hobbies: Player Scouts, & Skating
  • Greatest Strength: Style, excellence of execution
  • Greatest Weakness: Being Attacked

Voice TalentEdit

  • Tobias Pippig (2001)



  • At age 21, Marty is the shortest male at 5'6.
  • Marty Stieber is Mac Fraser's older ex-patriotic cousin.
  • Marty replaces Mac as in character only in the PAL version.
  • Marty has most of Mac's profile, the only things different are his age, dream date, favorite movie, and favorite music.
  • Only character other than Jurgen to hail from Germany. Coincidentally, their alternate sport is snowmobiling
  • It's possible that Marty's family moved to West Germany, during the 80's, it's also unknown how or why his family moved to Germany in the first place.
  • Marty's voice actor is Tobias Pippig, who is known in German speaking regions as Naruto Uzumaki in the German version of Naruto.
  • Fans in the US were confused about Marty, as he was credited in the manuals there.
  • Marty also appears as a cheat character in SSX 3
  • Despite that his bio states he has brown eyes, on his SSX 3 model, he has deep blue eyes upon zooming in on him past his goggles in replay mode.