This run is as high as the lifts go. From here on up its heliskiing country. A combination of natural and man made make this wide run one that can be taken differently every time you go down. it's the base for both helicopters and piste bashers so look out for machinarty on the way down. The biggest challenge here is grinding the entirety of the run with out touching the snow. After all that hard work you might be thirsty, Luckily there is a bar placed right at the bottom.


4 Jump - Amateur

Handplant Haven - Amateur

Get Tricky - Rookie

Rail This - Rookie

Airtime Anonymous - Semi-Pro

Trick-Tastic - Semi-Pro

Rail The Distance - Semi-Pro

Catch Up + Relish - Pro

Count Combo Sr. - Pro

Alpine Assault - Pro

Trick-Off - Pro

Anti-Air - Pro-Master

Say No To Snow - Pro-Master

Say No To Snow - Legend

Medal Events

'45 Slopestyle - Rookie

Back-2-Back Slopestyle - Semi Pro

Double Race - Semi Pro

Back-2-Back Race - Pro

Double Slopestyle - Pro-Master

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