Pipedream is an unlockable track that made its first appearance in SSX after completing all the Showoff events. It's theme held some similarity to the warm-up mode course with some noticeable differences. It is also an unlockable track in SSX Tricky with many differences in detail (however, the unlock conditions remain the same).

Unlock requirement Edit

Pipe Race

Pipedream's logo at the level selection screen in SSX Tricky.

Finish the Alaska Showoff with at least a gold medal to unlock this track.

Trivia Edit

• Pipedream is the only track to have a location in England.

• Compared to all the courses from the original SSX game to be revamped in SSX Tricky, Pipedream is the only track that has undergone the most differences in layout.

• In SSX, Pipedream was originally a revamped version of the warmup area (the starting gate bears the same resemblance).

• However, in SSX tricky, this was changed to being an indoor snowboarding area with viewable windows in the background.