These 3 things you have to try to keep when shredding the slope

SSX TIPS AND TRICKS!== Here you will read about how to get tons of points in trick it.

overall information: If you wanna get tons of points in trick it you always have to keep your Tricky and trick-multiplier up. Trickmultiplier will give you more points as soon as you are done with the course. And Tricky will let you to pull off sicker tricks in air and on rails.

'How to keep Trickmultiplier up:' what you wanna do is to get huge air time and pull off sick tricks, now this will let your trickmultipier hold it self for longer duration and wont break for longer duration. But still if you think you will lose it you can do flat ground tricks by doing tailpress/nosepress between kickers and rails, you can also do some spins by popping your self up in the air, But that can get you unconcentrated, i recommend doing tailpress/nosepress. you can do tailpress/nosepress with the bottons X and B on Xbox.

How to keep tricky up: First of all, do not use your boost before you have tricky. When having tricky, you should try to avoid doing duplicate-tricks. Try to do tailpress/nosepress between kickers and rails so you wont lose you tricky. Pull off your sickest tricks, it will help the tricky duration....

What gives the most points? It gives more points by doing flips than doing spins. In many slopes you will see that its bigger walls than kickers. So you rather wanna go jump the walls than jumping the kickers. This will give you more air time and you will be able to pull off sicker tricks. It gives more points to do one rail trick on a rail than doing multiple tricks. Learn the course, its important to learn the course because then you can find your own line that suits your play style.

What you maybe didn't know about: On rails you can double tap your railtrick-buttons for example YY, XX, BB it will let your character to do sicker tricks. Jumping Walls is better than jumping kickers!

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Written by: DrabbestOzone

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