The Uber Trick System was first introduced in SSX Tricky and is a meter, that when full, allows the user to perform extra special tricks.


The Uber Trick System was first introduced in SSX Tricky and is a meter that, when full, allows the user to perform extra special tricks.

Uber Meter In-DepthEdit

The Uber Meter is filled when the user successfully performs and lands tricks. The bigger the trick (and the more unique the trick), the more the meter is filled. It is important to note that if the same trick is pulled more than once, you will not get as many points as you did the first time you performed the trick.

Once completely filled, the Uber Meter will allow the user to pull off 'Uber Tricks', which are performed by doing normal tricks (shoulder buttons) while using the Tweak Button (the square button on the PS2). These tricks, which require more animation time, look fantastic and give the player a huge point bonus. The meter is also used as 'Boost', as the user can hit the Boost button (the square button on the PS2) to go faster down the course. The uber meter depletes as the player uses his or her boost and replinishes when the user performs successful tricks; so the object is to perform enough tricks to keep the meter filled. That way you can use it to continuously 'Boost' down the mountain.

Uber Meter System in SSX TrickyEdit

The Uber Meter was introduced in SSX Tricky and became a key gameplay component in the series. In this system, each character has his or her pre-defined 'uber' tricks that can be performed, which is unlike SSX 3 in which Uber Tricks can be purchased and used by any of the characters. It also important to note that once the word 'Tricky' (above the Uber Meter) has been filled in (by pulling and landing successive uber tricks), the player's Uber Meter stays full for the remainder of the run - allowing them to boost all the way down the mountain.

Uber Meter System in SSX 3Edit

The Uber Meter in SSX 3 is not unlike the meter found in Tricky, however it's important to note that because of the longer run length found in SSX3, the uber meter does not stay full after the user pulls enough successive Uber Tricks (in this case 8). Instead, the user is allotted 1 minute of free boost that they can use to jam down the mountain. Uber Tricks are pulled by the user holding a combination of shoulder buttons (grab buttons) while pushing the boost or uber button. "Monster Tricks" can be performed by pressing and holding the correct uber tricks; more of a hidden gameplay element. Uber tricks can also be pulled in rails in this game.

Uber TricksEdit

* G-Money                                   
* Superman                         
* Smithereen                           
* Torpedo                                    
* Mattrickulater                             
* Karolicker                
* Judo                        
* dnL Boost                            
* Jib-O                                      
* Indian 
* Hand in Hand                         
* Kort Martial 
* Back Flip Bar Hop         
* SSXorcist                
* dnL Flipit 
* Katana                        
* Grinder                           
* Slinger                          
* Svelton 
* Lukeloo         
* Madonna                  
* Vacation   
* Footloose                 
* Trickitello

Performing Monster TricksEdit

MONSTER TRICK                                       TRICK NAME           BONUS
* FS 540 G-Money                                    Da Housecat          10,000
* Triple Back Flip Superman                         Aphrodite            10,000
* FS Rodeo 720 Smithereen                           Thrice               10,000
* BS 720 Torpedo                                    Swollen Member       10,000
* BS 900 Mattrickulater                             Yellowcard           10,000
* FS Double Back Flip 540 Karolicker                Alpine Star          20,000
* Back Flip Nosegrab to Judo                        MxPx                 10,000
* FS Rodeo 720 dnL Boost                            Ultimate dnL Boost   20,000
* BS 900 Jib-O                                      Black Eyed Peas      10,000
* FS 900 Indian to Late Method                      Deepsky              10,000
* BS Misty 900 Hand in Hand                         Basement Jaxx        20,000
* BS Back Flip 360 Kort Martial to Late Stalefish   Fischerspooner       20,000
* Double Back Flip Bar Hop to Late Mute             Chemical Brother     20,000
* FS Triple Back Flip 180 SSXorcist                 X-Ecutioner          30,000
* FS Double Frontflip 360 dnL Flipit to Late Indy   Ultimate dnL FlipIt  20,000
* BS 720 Indy to Late Katana                        Juana's Addiction    20,000
* FS 1080 Morgan Grinder                            Audio Bully          10,000
* BS Back Flip 360 Slinger                          Finger 11            20,000
* FS Misty 720 Svelton to Late Nosegrab             N.E.R.D Fly or Die   30,000
* Triple Back Flip Nosegrab to Late Lukeloo         Overseer             30,000
* BS Double Back Flip 180 Madonna                   Stoneage             20,000
* Double Back Flip Vacation to Late NIFTY Shifty    Autopilot Off        20,000
* BS 360 NIFTY Shifty to Late Footloose             The Automator        20,000
* BS 540 Indy to Late Trickitello                   Placebo              20,000

How To Video: Monster TricksEdit



Having a hard time performing Monster Tricks in

SSX 3? Take a look at the video for help!

Uber Meter System in SSX: On TourEdit

The Uber Meter in 'On Tour' works very similarly to the meter found in SSX 3, however, the boosting in this game creates a new speed blur effect, in which the mountain seems to blur or fly by the player at an incredible speed while they are boosting. Uber tricks on the other hand are not pulled by pressing the shoulder buttons, but flicking the right analog stick in certain gestures.

Monster Tricks:SnowboardingEdit

LEVEL 1 MONSTERS                    (All are 3500 points) 
   TRICK NAME                        TRICK STICK DIRECTION
   The Kickback Jack                            Up 
   Donkey Kick                                  Right 
   Drop Out                                     Down 
   Steppin Out                                  Left 

   String Cheese         Up then Left             11,370 
   Spreader              Up then Right            10,160 
   Body Massage          Right then Up            11,720 
   PT                    Right then Down          10,600 
   Chocolate Thunder     Down then Right          11,890 
   Nutcracker            Down then Left           10,950 
   The Wizard            Left then Down           11,660 
   Steeb                 Left then Up             10,310

Monster Tricks:SkiingEdit

 LEVEL 1 MONSTERS                    (All are 3500 points) 
   TRICK NAME                        TRICK STICK DIRECTION
   Porkchop Sandwiches                           Up 
   Jerked Chicken                                Right 
   Cowbell                                       Down 
   Lounge Lizard                                 Left 

   Lipstick               Up then Left            12,300 
   Miyagi                 Up then Right           10,450 
   Coco the Monkey        Right then Up           12,680 
   Swing Shift            Right then Down         10,950 
   Voober                 Down then Right         11,950 
   Smoothy                Down then Left          10,750 
   T-Bone                 Left then Down          11,280 
   Fat Hornet             Left then Up            10,950

How to Video:OT Monster TricksEdit

SSX On Tour Monster Tricks Montage02:07

SSX On Tour Monster Tricks Montage

Monster Tricks from SSX On Tour, check 'em out!

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