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SSX On Tour

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SSX On Tour

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Eye Color ?
Hair Color Black
Nickname(s) The Smipster

Kaori Nishidake (SSX On Tour)


Mac Fraser (SSX On Tour) (Presumbly)


Kaori Nishidake (Hinted)

Sid is a character from the video game series SSX (Snowboard Supercross). His debut was SSX On Tour and his default stance was Skier.

SSX On TourEdit

Sid is a certain 'kind' of celebrity. You're either fascinated by him, worship him, or completely despise him. Sid is a funkified philosopher who allows his unique fashion and surgical riding to do his talking. Cold, aloof, Sid is rarely seen without his massive sunglasses and serious expression. Sid rarely speaks to anyone other than his crew; he looks down upon all - especially the other SSX riders and skiers most Sid is the type of guy who would have hung around Andy Warhol and his kind, Sid's personality is quite similar - quirky, bizarre, mixed with a definite dose of the twisted.

But it all disappears on the mountain. Riding hard Sid turns into a hollering fool, distracting his competitors, pulling down wins - and establishing himself as the next wild thing. Oh yeah - he's crazy for Kaori.

After the tour... (breaking the fourth wall)Edit

Invented Extreme Full Contact Yoga. Started a professional league in the US and Asia. Currently developing an Extreme Yoga video game with Electronic Arts.


Kaori NishidakeEdit

In SSX On Tour, fans were introduced to a new rider around, Sid. According to Sid's profile, he is crazy for Kaori. While on Kaori's bio, Sid is mentioned as possibly having fault for Kaori's toned down behavior. Taken from both profiles, fans believed the two were dating.

Mac FraserEdit

Due to the possibility of Kaori and Sid dating, fans believed Mac and Sid were rivals. Sid was also a skier at the time, something Mac comes to dislike.


  • Despite being Japanese, Sid is not a Japanese name, further he doesn't have a last name to support this evidence.
  • It's widely believed that He, Mac, and Kaori are currently in a love triangle.
  • It is believed by fans that Sid might be part French, due to his accent.
  • His nickname is a combination of his name and Hipster, which is type of person who prefures stuff that are somewhat out of style.