The Rockies are one of the nine regions your travel through in the World Tour mode of SSX (2012). It's the first mountain you get to ride on in World Tour mode. It consists of three peaks.

Description Edit

Welcome to The Rockies! It's pure back country riding at it's best, or worst if you're not prepared.

The Rockies are beautiful; but don't let that fool you. You'll be navigating through heavily forested peaks that will demand your full attention if you want to make it down in one piece. You will find plenty of other surprises in The Rockies like an abandoned train wreck that provides tons of opportunities for big air and big tricks, or fallen power lines that you can use for the longest grind of your life!

Peaks Edit

Mount Robson Edit

Mount Robson is a dangerous place that earns it's reputation as a Deadly Descent because of it's nearly impenetrable gauntlet of trees. Surviving Robson is all about avoidance, but when the sun sets and shadows swallow up the mountainside, sometimes even avoidance isn't enough to see you through to the bottom.

Extinguisher Tower Edit

The Extinguisher Tower is a heavily forested peak that demands your attention. It is not as brutally dense or foreboding as Mount Robson, but nonetheless, this is a place that requires serious skill to navigate.

Whitehorn Mountain Edit

Friendly, open and inviting: Whitehorn is the perfect place to stretch your legs and work out the kinks before attacking more punishing terrain. A long abandoned train wreck keeps things interesting and provides tons of opportunities for tricks as you make your way to the bottom.