The Throne is Peak 3's back country.It appears in both SSX 3 and SSX Blur. In SSX 3, Peak 3 is tagged by Psymon Stark
or when playing as himself, it's Elise Riggs.


Play It Safe 2Edit

You can find the Play It Safe 2 Big Challenge near the top of The Throne. In this challenge, you must score a whopping 250000 points WITHOUT falling during the entire course. This is very tricky, but the best strategy to use is to simply find a ramp to catch some big air on over and over again, and perform your four Uber tricks to unlock the Super Uber meter, and take it slow as you go down the mountain with small tricks until you reach ramps.

Combat TrainingEdit

You can find the Combat Training Big Challenge event on the crystal cliffs of The Throne. The object of this challenge is to run into six punching bags. The good news? There are a lot of blue punching bags in the area. The bad news? It's all downhill and hard to hit. Since there is no time limit, take it slow and you should pass the objective without much struggle at all.

New Line CollectiblesEdit

You can spot this Big Challenge shortly after the exit to the cave on The Throne. You must grab eight collectibles without a time limit. The first is to the right, and the next is at the end of the cave below. The third is along the path, followed by the fourth, which is near the upcoming cliff. You must jump to reach is. For the fifth, it is to the left in a glowing tunnel. Go through to reach number six after jumping over the endless gap. For seven, go further through, and you will find it along the right side of the half-pipe, follow by the final collectible on the far left. Grind a fallen tree to reach it.