Tyson Logan is a character in the SSX series. His debut game was in SSX On Tour.

Tyson Logan
First appearance

SSX On Tour

Appears in



Voice Actors ?


Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Nickname(s) The Captain

Zoe Payne (SSX On Tour)

Enemy(s) Mac Fraser (SSX On Tour)


SSX On TourEdit

Tyson is 8 years Nate's junior. Growing up on the ranch Tyson let it be known early he was the insane one in the family. His formative years were spent breaking everything he owned - bike, skateboard, dog, skis. Tyson always looked up to Nate, and often attempted bigger and better stunts just to impress him. When Nate hit the tour Tyson decided he would follow in his big bros footsteps - but in his own way - freeskiing.

Tyson has done well for being a newbie on the SSX circuit. Even at such an early stage Tyson has shown his stuff by attracting a gaggle of top name sponsors. Looking smooth and slick in free shwag - Tyson is prepping to unleash his riding insanity on his unsuspecting competitors.

  • Nationility: American
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Age: 20
  • Blood Type: A
  • Stance: Skier
  • AKA: The Captain
  • Riding Partner: Zoe Payne
  • Riding Victim: Mac Fraser

After the tour...Edit

Became king of Canada. Established a threeday school week, free skis for every citizen, had "Ski Patrol" removed from the dictionary.



  • Tyson appears on the cover art for SSX On Tour.
  • Nate and Tyson are brothers that are 8 years apart.