Uber Tricks are insane tricks first introduced in SSX Tricky. Uber Tricks often involve the character removing the board from his/her feet. The typical Uber Trick has the character remove the board from their feet, spin the board or kick it, sometimes even doing handstands (Walking The Dog). Each character has a "Signature" uber trick.

Signature UbersEdit

Mac- Walking The Dog

Elise- LaLaLa Lock Step

Kaori- Pirouette Air Grind

Zoe- Pommel Me

Ty- Test Pilot

Eddie- The Worm

Tane- The Big Drop-In

Moby- Superbman Barspin

Psymon- Gilloutine

Alex- The Catwalk

Griff- Sugar Rush

Travis Rice- The Real Thing

(Signature Tricks shown from SSX (2012))

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