• Classic cool

    Warning: Since this is a touchy subject, I recommend you click on the back button if you can't take criticism from SSX on Tour. With most SSX fans bashing on it, this might get ugly.

    Disclaimer: I do not own SSX in anyway. Credit to EA. No pun intended.

    Let's start off with the the ugly, shall we? (And get all that out of the way). The SSX series has always been known for it's fast tracks and mind-blowing tricks, all relating to SSX and it's sport, SNOWBOARDING. As fans we thought it was always going to be like this, right? When October came of '05 we discover EA had something else up their sleeves.

    Now a lot of us, including myself, wonder why they chose to take this opportunity and add skiing.

    Here's an interview from way back when SSX on To…

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