• Shfan135

    SSX (2012) REVIEW!!!

    March 4, 2012 by Shfan135

    SSX (2012) Is awesomesauce wrapped up in awesomeness. I'm not saying there aren't any cons, though. In this review I will cover the good and the bad subjects about this game. Let's get started with gameplay.

    SSX runs as smooth as ever, and let's you pull off insane tricks, and it is fun. Ridiculosly fun. The tricks are amazing, and you fell like you are on top of the world pulling off those insane Uber tricks.


    • Uber tricks are back, Baby!
    • Great animations
    • Huge air and many trick opportunities
    • Isn't to hard to master
    • Awesome and easy


    • Not a very big challenge
    • Glitches
    • Certain challenges are way too hard, some of the gold medals are to high
    • Geotags are annoying to find, and so are snowflakes

    Gameplay Rating: 9/10

    SSX has great songs, including a…

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  • Shfan135

    ssx demo review

    February 22, 2012 by Shfan135

    I just downloaded the demo for ssx on my ps3. First let's talk about the most obvious change- the controls. Right away I noticed that the controls were very different from the classic ssx games, but don't worry! You can change it to normal (or "classic") in the settings! Yay! I was pissed off at first, because I am an old-school gamer, and immediatly changed it and I'm sure 99 percent of gamers did this too. It plays almost excatly like ssx 3, once you change the settings, you get all normal grabs, and uber tricks and uber rails. normally. You start off with only Zoe, but you can later unlock Mac (My fav) after doing some random stuff.

    The content in the demo is "meh". I was expecting much, much more in the demo, but all you get is one dro…

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