SSX (2012) Is awesomesauce wrapped up in awesomeness. I'm not saying there aren't any cons, though. In this review I will cover the good and the bad subjects about this game. Let's get started with gameplay.


SSX runs as smooth as ever, and let's you pull off insane tricks, and it is fun. Ridiculosly fun. The tricks are amazing, and you fell like you are on top of the world pulling off those insane Uber tricks.


  • Uber tricks are back, Baby!
  • Great animations
  • Huge air and many trick opportunities
  • Isn't to hard to master
  • Awesome and easy


  • Not a very big challenge
  • Glitches
  • Certain challenges are way too hard, some of the gold medals are to high
  • Geotags are annoying to find, and so are snowflakes

Gameplay Rating: 9/10


SSX has great songs, including artists like Example, Foster The People and even The Naked and Famous make this game even better. Shame there isn't that much voice acting.


  • A wide variety of genres, ranging from dubstep to rock
  • The songs are very well picked
  • In game remixing is AMAZING


  • Very little voice acting, with the ocasional "Yeah I rock!" type of line
  • Some of the songs don't fit very well with the characters. ( Dubstep while playing as Eddie? No.)

Sound rating: 10/10


A bunch of your favourite characters from the previous games are returning, such as Mac, Kaori, Zoe, Psymon and Elise. Along with the SSX vetrans, there is a heap of brand new characters.


  • Characters from even the very first game
  • Each character has a signature trick, and most returning characters have the same signature trick from the previous game(s)
  • My favourite returns hehehe! (Mac)


  • The helicopter pilots are annoying
  • The characters don't have much personality due to lack of voice acting
  • Griff.
  • Griff again.

Character rating: 7/10


Explore, Global Events and world tour are fun, but lack of traditional multiplayer was a bad move.


  • We finally get to go online
  • Explore is amazingly well done
  • Trick it was well done


  • Survive it was weak, and so was race it
  • World tour could have been better
  • No free ride or 2-player? NOOOOO!!!!!!!

Game modes rating: 9/10


The game is......well, awesome.

The final score:


This game is amazing, but lacking in many ways. I suggest buying or renting it for sure, but this game is not perfect.

If i missed anything, tell me in the comments section below. Happy Shredding!

Shfan135 21:26, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

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