I just downloaded the demo for ssx on my ps3. First let's talk about the most obvious change- the controls. Right away I noticed that the controls were very different from the classic ssx games, but don't worry! You can change it to normal (or "classic") in the settings! Yay! I was pissed off at first, because I am an old-school gamer, and immediatly changed it and I'm sure 99 percent of gamers did this too. It plays almost excatly like ssx 3, once you change the settings, you get all normal grabs, and uber tricks and uber rails. normally. You start off with only Zoe, but you can later unlock Mac (My fav) after doing some random stuff.

The content in the demo is "meh". I was expecting much, much more in the demo, but all you get is one drop in the rockies and one in new zealand. Both tracks were amazingly fun, but again, I was expecting more. You cannot costimise in the demo, which I was dissapointed with. The gamplay videos show lots of changing your chararcter around and adding gear, but NONE of that was in the demo.

Compared to the other games,this game is "Meh." I compared it to ssx 3 a lot, but it is very different than tricky and the original. The only refrence to older games is getting Tricky, and the famous run d.m.c song playing every 5 seconds, which was kinda annoying. One thing I noticed was there is an uber version of every trick, slightly tweaking it to look cooler, BUT if you add square, (or R2 if your a noobie) then you get the real uber tricks. The super awesome uber tricks. The mind blowing impossible-take-your-feet-off-the-board real super awesome uber tricks.

I give it a 4 out of 5, when most other games were easy fives. It is fun, but can't be compared to other games in the series. I totally reccomend buying it, but the old-school gamers like me, probably won't like it as much.

Happy Shredding! :D

Shfan135 23:32, February 22, 2012 (UTC)