The Wingsuit is a piece of wearable equipment in SSX and, accordingly, takes up an equipment slot.

The wingsuit is based on a real piece of clothing and sport that grants wearers more surface area, and therefore more wind resistance, by adding thin pieces of cloth between their legs, arms, and chest. Wearers are given more control over their movement while free-falling.

It's cool To use it go into mid air and press and hold RB. To level out use the LS to level out for Xbox 360


Players equipped with the wingsuit in SSX descend slower while in the area, cover more distance while in the air, and have more control over their movement. By timing the release of the wingsuit correctly, players may avoid sheers plummets, easily clear obstacles, or time their fall to land directly into tricks or slopes.

Several slopes require the use of the wingsuit. These wingsuit races take place on maps with very large gaps and sheer drops, forcing players to use their wingsuit frequently. Facing down while using the wingsuit will cause players to gain air speed as they plummet. Pulling up while using the winsuit causes the player to potentially gain elevation, but also dramatically slows movement. Winning wingsuit races and avoiding pitfalls demands judicious timing.